The Breakroom

“The Night of Meat”

December 11, 2006

WARNING: if you are a vegetarian then we advise you to skip this post. Nothing to see here, move along. But if you enjoy a good hearty steak, or just about any other mouth watering cut of meat you can think of, then this one is for you! Each year around this time, the workers […]

Microsoft, Apple, and an Icon

December 11, 2006

As we were skimming through the servers stats this morning we noticed an unusual spike and started investigating. You may have read an entry at Daring Fireball yesterday pointing out the apparent misappropriation of an Apple icon on Microsoft’s ordering page for Windows Vista Business. We scoured our referral logs and discovered that a post […]

If you have not read or seen the recent hilarious posting by Kotaku about Nintendo’s Safety Manual from Japan, go take a look. Once you do, this entire post will make much more sense. Thanks to one of our clients in Japan, who just happens to work for one of the printing companies Nintendo regularly […]

Gobble! Gobble!

November 22, 2006

The Iconfactory is closing up for the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday and will be back to our normal pixel-pushing routine this coming Monday, the 27th. Online orders and support will of course continue so feel free to order that copy of Pixadex you’ve always wanted. It makes a great stocking stuffer! We wish everyone on the […]

All That and a Bag of Chips

November 21, 2006

You may remember back in October when David and Ged risked frostbite and frozen fannies to pre-order their Nintendo Wiis from our local GameStop. Some may have called us crazy back then, but now that we have our consoles, we can tell you first hand that it was well worth it! Much has been written […]

“I Voted!” QuickPix

November 7, 2006

Unless you’ve been living on a desert island for the last six months, or you live in a far away land, then you probably know that today is mid-term elections here in the United States. Millions of people from all walks of life are heading to the polls to cast their votes for local politicans […]

Happy and Safe Halloween!

October 31, 2006

How time flies! It seems that just yesterday we made the spooky switch over for October’s Halloween celebration. Now the day has come and there are only a few hours left until we have to bid farewell to all things spooky for another year. We hope you have enjoyed this year’s terrifying makeover and have […]

Huddled over our WACOM tablets, in the soft and continuous glow of our LCD monitors, we sit and push pixels and occasionally look up and see what all the hub-bub is about. Last week was one such moment when we posted our first set of photos on Flickr. Our Chief Typist, quite by accident, discovered […]

Keeping Up with the Foreman

October 18, 2006

Our good friends over at Pixelsurgeon have published this month’s edition of their edgy podcast, Audiosurgeon which features news, reviews and exclusive music from the world of design, culture and more. Issue number 6 features a wealth of pulsing tracks that are definitely worth a listen. Somewhere in between all this ultra-cool content lives a […]

Wii Are Waiting In Line…

October 13, 2006

If you are a game console fan, then you know the significance of today. Yes, the sky is turning red, the seas are about to boil and the earth is about to stop spinning. Okay, so its not that important, its just the day that the new Nintendo Wii console goes on pre-order here in […]