The Breakroom

Meet Mr. Lanham

October 9, 2006

In case you missed it, last week posted an interview with our very own talented icon artist, David Lanham. Learn what inspires David to create, how his view of the world has evolved and how he came to be among friends here at the Iconfactory. If you are a fan of David’s work, then […]

Bending Adobe’s Ear

September 18, 2006

For those of you not familiar with the story so far, here is a quick recap. Back on August 23rd we wrote a post of our Top 5 Adobe Illustrator Pet Peeves. Things in Illustrator that either bugged us or were slowing us down in our day-to-day icon making lives. That post was met with […]

Why the Internet Rocks

September 10, 2006

Every now and then you stumble across something on the Internet that reminds you just how cool it really is. Tonight we came across something that took us right back to our childhoods and we suspect that it will do the same for you. YouTube plays host to all manner of videos from singing Hoffs […]

Scotty, Beam Us Up… NOW!

September 1, 2006

A few days ago, word leaked out that the powers that be were planning on re-releasing Star Trek the Original Series with all new and updated special effects. We posted some tantalizing tidbits in the Industry News about this, but were waiting on official word from Paramount. Well, the word has come and all we […]

“Et tu, Adobe?”

August 31, 2006

Our recent post, ‘Top 5 Adobe Illustrator Pet Peeves’, struck a chord so loud it broke the glass we were drinking from! Illustrator users everywhere came out in force with their thoughts and suggestions. Most feedback fell along lines of “I agree 100%” or the ever-popular “Deal with it people!” Some however, wrote with very […]

Having recently made the switch from Freehand, the workers are slowly learning to love Illustrator while coming to terms with some of its limitations. So in an effort to improve our creation tool of choice, we want to give a shout to the talented folks at Adobe with a list of five things in Illustrator […]

Ever had a great idea for a piece of software but didn’t know anybody in the industry that could build it? Well, thanks to Phill Ryu and a talented team of developers he’s put together, you may now have your chance. Today marks the launch of the My Dream App competition where people submit their […]

WWDC and Beyond

August 16, 2006

As we recover from an exciting week at WWDC, it seems like a good time to recap what happened during our time in San Francisco. Of course, it was great to meet up with our wonderful clients. And we really enjoyed meeting new people and putting faces to our online friends. (Congratulations again to the […]

After an intense round of judging by Gedeon and a host of other judges from the online Macintosh community, blogger Phil Ryu has posted the winners in the Fake Leopard Screen Shot contest. Entries showcased a range of ideas for the new OS as well as some fresh and clever new takes on the user […]

Something’s Coming…

July 20, 2006

You may have noticed a slight decrease in the output of freeware goodies from the workers these last few weeks. There is a reason for that as you will see starting next week. We’re reminded of an exchange between HAL and Bowman from 2010: The Year We Make Contact: “I’m afraid Dave.” “Don’t be. Something […]