The Breakroom

“We fear change…”

April 18, 2005

In case you have not heard the news this morning, Adobe announced that it is in talks to purchase Macromedia in a stock based deal for $3.4 billion dollars. Its not a done deal yet, but if it does fly we’re sure users will see many changes afoot in some of their favorite programs. Macromedia […]

Don’t Panic!

January 12, 2005

Our PC using visitors will want to note that Microsoft announced yesterday a newly discovered vulnerability related to .ICO files that affects virtually all versions of Windows. The security update is listed as “critical”, and as such, we strongly recommend that if you use a PC you patch your version of Windows against this vulnerability. […]

We’re Back!

January 4, 2005

Our annual holiday break has ended and the workers are slowly getting back into the swing of things around the old factory. Pixel workshops are coming back up to speed and new plans are being laid, so we invite you to spend another year with us as we offer more icons, software and goodies in […]

Blame It On Steve!

January 4, 2005

As you may have read here last week, the workers were planning on attending the MacWorld Keynote address at our local Apple store today. However, since a certain CEO we all know seems to have become upset with all of the recent rumor mongering on the web, the web broadcast of the keynote speech will […]

Holy water? Check. Silver tipped bullets? Check. Apple iPod? Check ??? That’s right folks, apparently a 40Gb Apple iPod and a cool set of playlists are crucial tools in the epic battle against the vampire nation. Some of the workers went to see Blade Trinity this weekend and were delighted to find that the entire […]

CandyBar Auto-Update Activate!

November 12, 2004

Registered users of CandyBar 2.0 may have noticed that with the recent release of Mac OS X 10.3.6, CandyBar received an auto-update that qualified it for use with the new OS. This new feature prevents users from having to manually download and install a new version of the software, saving time and hassle. For those […]

An Honor Just To Be Nominated

November 10, 2004

We’re proud to announce that two Iconfactory software products have been nominated for the 2004 MacUser UK Reader Awards. xScope and IconBuilder are both nominated in the Software category under Graphic Utilities and are up against the excellent image capture utility, Snapz Pro from Ambrosia Software. The awards ceremony will be held in London, England […]

The ghosts and goblins have returned to their place of rest and kids everywhere are coming down from their sugar highs. Yep, Halloween is over once again and now our attention turns towards the end of the year and two other of our favorite holidays. We hope you enjoyed our spooky make-over this year and […]

Pigs are flying, hell has apparently frozen over and the Curse of the Bambino is, appropriately enough, history. Yes, the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals to win the 2004 Championship World Series last night, something that generations of fans have not seen since 1918. The Iconfactory workers (especially the Foreman and the […]

Pixelpalooza On Hiatus

October 22, 2004

We wanted to take a moment and let our visitors know that we’ve decided not to hold our annual icon design contest, Pixelpalooza, this year. The contest continues to be a success each year it is held, but it also represents huge amounts of work for the factory employees. So, we’ve decided to take a […]