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Iconfactory Stickers Just Got Better

September 27, 2016

By Ged Maheux

iPhones showing lock screens for Big Happy Cloud, Mahalo and Sunshine Smilies sticker packs

Since iOS 10 launched two weeks ago, Iconfactory Sticker packs have been some of the most popular and well received on the App Store. Now we’re giving you even more reasons to download and share.

Select Iconfactory Sticker packs now include iPhone wallpapers! Tap the pack’s title art and then select “Save Wallpaper…” to enjoy Sticker related goodness right on your lock screen. The following packs have been updated:

Packs that contain iPhone wallpapers: Mahalo, Dino, Stickypoo, Route 66, Big Happy Cloud, Chimp Andy

In addition to wallpapers, Mahalo, Pixel World, and Stickypoo have been expanded with all-new Stickers for you to enjoy. The Pixel World update contains over twenty all-new retro graphics including lots of new food items, retro technology (mini pocket computer anyone?), space stuff and clothing.

Deadpoo t-shirt

Speaking of clothing, thanks to the fine folks at Cotton Bureau, one of our favorite packs has made the leap from Sticker to screen printed goodness. “When s#!t hits the fan, only Deadpoo can take care of business.” The T-shirts and hoodies come in a variety of colors and fabrics, and the sale only lasts a few days so don’t sit around, get moving and order Deadpoo today!

Finally, October is coming and with it our favorite holiday – Halloween! Stay tuned for the spookiest Stickers you’ll ever find on the App Store. We think you’ll enjoy sending spine-chilling treats in the coming weeks. Boo!