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Iconfactory Halloween Stickers Materialize!

October 11, 2016

By Ged Maheux

iPhones being held by costumed hands showing lock screens for Hack-O-Lantern, BoneHeadz & Ravenswood sticker packs

October has arrived and with it comes our favorite holiday of the year – Halloween! We’ve been celebrating All Hallow’s Eve around these parts for as long as we can remember and this year we’re unearthing a new crop of spooky sticker packs for iMessage. With hundreds of frightful graphics plus iPhone wallpapers, these terrific new tricks and treats include:


Lore is a critically-acclaimed podcast about true life scary stories that examines a dark tale from history each week. We’re proud to announce we’ve teamed up with author and podcaster Aaron Mahnke to bring the strange, spooky tales of Lore to life in sticker form.

several stickers from the Lore sticker pack - Raven, Skull, Zombie Hand, Bloody Axe & Candle

Lore’s popularity has been growing steadily for the past year and will even make the leap to the small screen as a new horror anthology series on Amazon Prime. If you or your friends are a fan of this wildly popular podcast head over to the App Store and download Iconfactory Lore Stickers today!


Now you can “carve” virtual pumpkins with the Iconfactory’s Hack-O-Lantern stickers for iMessage. Mix and match faces, cutouts and accessories to create legions of spooky, fun jack-o-lanterns with your family and friends. Just place a base pumpkin into chat and then tap and hold to “peel” off parts & accessories to build your perfect pumpkin creation! Hack-O-Lantern will vanish from the App Store soon so don’t wait, download it today!


We’re happy to announce that Iconfactory friend and illustrator, Von Glitschka, has returned once again to offer up an incredible set of stickers just in time for Halloween. BoneHeadz is a chock full of kooky, fun skulls that are perfect to express just about any emotion you may have. The pack is bursting with animated stickers which instantly adds life to any iMessage conversation. If you enjoy BoneHeadz, don’t forget to check out Von’s other awesome tiki sticker pack – Mahalo.

Ravenswood, Macabre & Spook On

Deadpoo t-shirt

The terrifying tales just keep on coming. Poor Lucrezia Ravenswood! As the young bride of wealthy landowner Reginald Ravenswood, she goes to live at foreboding Ravenswood Manor as the new lady of the house – and enters into a shadowy web of murderously dire mysteries, all in sticker form! Treat your friends with classic Halloween goodies from Spook On or share creepy, seasonal creatures and tales of terror with Macabre.

Can you tell we just love Halloween to death? Well we do, and we hope you enjoy this year’s silly, ghostly stickers available now on the App Store. Buy just the ones you want or get Ravenswood, Macabre, Spook On in a special money-saving bundle! Like the candy in your sack, these stickers will vanish from sale at the end of the month, so stash them away while you can. And remember … Happy Halloween!