The Breakroom

Iconfactory’s Stickers Featured in New Apple Commercial

March 22, 2017

By Ged Maheux

Last week Apple released a new TV commercial touting stickers in iMessage. Two of the (many) stickers featured in the spot are from the Iconfactory’s very own Route 66 sticker pack we released late last year. The commercial takes a fun, energetic approach to the world of stickers and shows people running and slapping stickers on other folks as a real-life metaphor for how stickers are used in virtual chats.

You can see the two stickers (Chinese Food & Neon Hearts) from Route 66 that were included at the 0:29 and 0:50 marks respectively, just be quick with the pause button! We’re pleased Apple invited us to be included in Sticker Fight! along with so many other talented sticker artists. Apple has put together a promotional page on the App Store featuring all 50 sticker sets from the commercial. Be sure to check it out and visit our sticker home page to browse and download all of our fun sticker sets for Apple’s iMessage.