The Breakroom

Twitterrific Subscriptions Going Well

November 22, 2019

By Ged Maheux

Twitterrific 6 logo over a field of iPhones and iPads running the new app

Back in June, we launched Twitterrific 6 with over 30 new and long-requested features from our users. We also switched from a one-time in-app purchase to a subscription to help support ongoing development. It’s been 5 months since the switch, so we wanted to let you know how’s it’s been going.

In short, it’s going well!

After a rocky transition, new users are generally happy with the new full-featured version they can download for free in the iOS App Store. Subscribing removes advertisements at the top of the timeline and occasional subscription reminders. Folks that find value in Twitterrific are happy to support development and pay for a monthly or annual subscription. Revenue has increased slowly but surely and our 79% retention rate remains high for an app of this type.

Graph showing number of subscribers per month since launch

This recurring revenue has achieved what we had hoped: to allow continued development – not just maintaining it, but also adding new and important features!

Since June there have been 10 updates of Twitterrific – that’s an average of 2 per month. Each update has brought with it a host of improvements and bug fixes. An example is version 6.1 which added automatic theme switching, multi-window support for iPadOS, and more.

Twitterrific was in the App Store on day one as the first third-party app that helped Twitter become the popular social media service it is today. We’re gratified so many of you have stuck with us over the years and continue to support Ollie through thick and thin.

We have even more great ideas how Twitterrific can continue to grow and improve and with your help, we are looking forward to bringing them to life.