The Breakroom

The Year In Review for 2022

December 16, 2022

By Ged Maheux

More than any other year in recent memory, 2022 brought big changes—some good, some bad, and some sad. During our 25 years in business we’ve learned to roll with all manner of punches and continue forging ahead. This year was no different. 

Old Friends

This year brought a string of notable updates to some of our most popular apps. Linea Sketch, loved by artists and designers from around the world, got a big 4.1 update. This brought great features like Clear Ink that turns any of Linea’s drawing tools into textured erasers, and Project Collections that help you stay organized as you create. We’re now working on Linea 4.2 for release early in 2023, and we’re excited by where the app is heading!

In April we unearthed CandyBar (originally launched circa 1995?) and shipped an update called the Sugar Free Edition™, which let CandyBar fans continue to browse their icon collections on modern versions of macOS. Though the app remains officially unsupported, fans were surprised and delighted to find collecting icons still tasted as sweet as they remembered.

Spring also saw the arrival of Chapter 2 of Frenzic: Overtime on Apple Arcade, bringing over 30 new and exciting levels with unique, fast-paced puzzles to solve. Frenzic’s Test Lab also received new daily challenges for players from around the world to compete in for the spot of top bot.

Tot, our tiny hyper-focused note taking app, got an update in the summer which added smart bullets and iOS widgets as well as Apple Watch support a few months later.

Fresh Faces

We launched two great new apps in 2022, both of which scratched some personal itches we’ve had for many years.

WorldWideWeb was introduced in June as a free, personal web server to make developing websites a snap. The app makes running your own web server about as easy as can be and has been welcomed with open arms by the Mac and iOS community. Be sure to check it out! 

We celebrated our love of creating desktops and wallpapers with the launch of Wallaroo, an iOS app that makes it easy to browse our library of hundreds of handcrafted images. When you find one you like, you can use it right on your own device with a tap! The app includes a large collection of wallpapers that our Patreon members been enjoying since 2019, and the best part is that it keeps growing with new releases from us and other notable designers every week. As always, our Patreon subscribers enjoy additional, exclusive content every month both in and out of Wallaroo, plus sneak peeks at upcoming projects.

The Giant Blue Bird in the Room

If any one had told us Twitterrific would still be tweeting in 2022, nearly fifteen years after the app first launched, we wouldn’t have believed you. Despite all the turmoil and changes at Twitter over the years, Twitterrific has persisted.

Our users are some of the most dedicated, loyal, and wonderful people we’ve ever encountered, and if it wasn’t for them, we might have already bowed out of supporting Twitter.

Twitter’s new owner seems to be intent on tearing the company, its employees, and civil discourse itself apart at the seams. What all this means for third party apps like Twitterrific isn’t clear, but until the API flies away, Twitterrific, in its current state, will continue to support the service. We don’t know where it’ll go beyond that.

Saying Goodbye 

Change also came in a profoundly sad way this year. After a multi-year battle with cancer, we lost our dear friend and Iconfactory founder, Corey Marion. Needless to say we were all devastated. Corey was the very heart of The Iconfactory and his presence touched everything we did.

The outpouring of support his family and all of us received was amazing. He was a life that was loved and appreciated by all who knew and worked with him. We still miss him every single day.

Taking Time to Recharge

The road ahead may be uncertain but what’s rock solid is our appreciation of you, our loyal customers, friends, and fans. You make all this possible as we push into the new year and recharge our batteries. We wish all of you a very happy holiday. Stay safe, enjoy your time with family and friends, and we’ll see you all in 2023!