The Breakroom

Announcing Wallaroo for macOS

March 21, 2023

By Ged Maheux

Ever since we launched Wallaroo for iOS back in September of 2022, people have been rediscovering the joy of custom wallpapers. Wallaroo makes it easy to explore, discover, and set the hundreds of wallpapers our artists have created over the past few years, with new creations added each week. Now Wallaroo brings everything you love about custom wallpapers to the Mac desktop.

Quick and Easy

Wallaroo for macOS is a light, native app written in SwiftUI that makes browsing our huge archive fun and easy. To make it easy to find what you’re looking for, wallpapers are broken down into categories like Abstract, Comics, Holiday, Sci-Fi, Television, and more.

A new category in the 1.3 release is “Featured”. Here you’ll find wallpapers that have recently been updated or are culturally relevant (football is life!)

You can also browse by artist or keyword: perfect for finding a match for dark mode or that extra-cute anime character. And when there’s a wallpaper you love, it’s easy to make it a favorite for future reference.

Shortcuts Are Us

As on iOS, Wallaroo’s superpower comes courtesy of Apple’s Shortcuts. A series of simple actions takes the pain out of setting your desktop wallpaper in just a few clicks. Pick a wallpaper in the app, click a button, and you’re set!

And fans of multiple spaces and Mission Control can use Wallaroo to put different wallpapers on your various screens: never lose your way no matter what you’re working on!

One More Thing

Perhaps the best part of today’s launch is that if you are already subscribed to Wallaroo via the App Store or via our Patreon, Wallaroo for macOS will automatically sync your subscription via iCloud and everything will “just work”.

Patreon subscribers get access to exclusive wallpapers not found in the App Store, plus additional wallpaper releases each month, early access to select releases, the ability to beta test new features, and more. If you just can’t get enough of Wallaroo, consider subscribing via Patreon.

Wallaroo doesn’t collect your information, serve you ads, or push sketchy schemes. We want to keep bringing you an ad-free experience and keep the wallpaper assembly line running smoothly.

Give Wallaroo a Go!

Wallaroo is available today as a FREE download on the Mac and iOS App Stores. Be sure to visit the official product website and follow us on Mastodon for more information or to answer your questions. If you love customizing your screens, hop on over, and give Wallaroo a go!