The Breakroom

Tips for Great Service

June 1, 2018

By Ged Maheux

Linea Sketch Tip Jar in version 2.1
With this week’s release of Linea Sketch, we added some important new features and improvements, but also something called a Tip Jar. You can open the Tip Jar from the Settings menu at any time, but you’ll probably only notice it when we deliver new features in the app. You’ll see an icon in the sidebar or a temporary banner at the bottom of the project view.

We designed these indicators to be unobtrusive, but still remind you that ongoing support of the app is needed. Since it’s an optional in-app purchase, you can contribute as often as you like or not at all. It’s all up to you.

We released a major update to Linea in March and made the update free so all customers would benefit from the new tools and features. We considered ways to charge for the update or change the sales model (to “freemium”, “paymium”, subscription, etc.) but none of them felt quite right for Linea. Instead, we decided that we would add a tip jar as a “pay what you want” upgrade.

So why would you want to spend more money on Linea if you don’t have to?

Because you want new functionality. The revenue generated from sales and tips all go to fund development in the app. As developers, our hope is the new tip jar will let us devote more time for improvements.

If we’ve learned one thing from working on Linea, it’s that people are passionate about their drawing apps. Software like Linea Sketch, Procreate, and others let us express our creativity and be productive. We develop a deep connection with these tools and are constantly looking for ways to incorporate them into our work. All of the Linea Sketch changes in the past year flow from a desire to improve the app for everyone.

We appreciate all the love users have shown for Linea and want to update the app for years to come. But our continued improvements depend on your continued support.

The next time Linea Sketch helps you visualize that complex design problem, or quickly jot down notes for an important meeting, or simply brings a smile to your face as you sketch your latest masterpiece, we’d appreciate it if you’d consider throwing a few coins in our tip jar.

Rest assured that we all thank you and will continue to give you great service!