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Twitterrific 5.5.2 Adds Twitter Profile Editing

October 14, 2013

By Webmaster

Twitterrific 5.5.2 is now available in the App Store and brings with it support for editing user profiles.

The new profile editing view (accessed from your user profile or by tapping and holding on your avatar in the timeline) allows you to change your name, location, website, and bio information on the fly. You’ll also be able to pick new avatar and banner images and crop them to your liking from within the application. The view displays your avatar and banner overtop one another, so you can easily tell how the final changes will look in your profile and on Twitter’s website.

Other notable improvements in 5.5.2 include:

  • Performance enhancements when scrolling and loading the timeline
  • Improved application launch time
  • Bug fixes and more

Twitterrific 5 has been hailed by critics and users alike as one of the most beautiful and fun to use applications in the App Store. The app is currently on sale directly from the App Store for just $2.99. Existing users can update to version 5.5.2 via the App Store’s software update. Enjoy!

SuperStacked Mac Bundle featuring xScope

October 10, 2013

By Webmaster

We’re pleased to announce that xScope is participating in the newly released SuperStacked Mac Bundle. Along with xScope, the bundle offers access to 23 additional useful development tools and resources at a highly discounted price.

xScope is our Mac utility, featuring eight tools in one that combine to help you measure, inspect, and test your work. It’s a UI Swiss Army Knife that no designer or developer should be without. Check out xScope 3’s new features and user guide to find out more about how it can help you improve your daily work flow.

Starting at $35, the bundle’s price will be increasing by $1 a day, so we urge you not to wait to grab the SuperStacked Mac Bundle today.

Twitterrific 5.5 for iOS 7 Arrives

September 18, 2013

By Webmaster


Today, Apple launches the seventh generation of its mobile operating system and we’re pleased to report that our popular Twitter client, Twitterrific, is ready for the new OS. Twitterrific 5.5 is now available in the App Store and brings with it an updated interface as well as performance improvements, a host of new features & more.

Twitterrific 5 already sported a clean, easy to use interface prior to iOS 7, but now more than ever the app’s focus is squarely on your Twitter content. Minimal menus and navigation controls lets your timeline shine, the redesigned sidebar flows seamlessly into the feel of iOS 7 and the new in-app browser offers standard controls for ease of use. iOS 7 has also allowed us to add the ability to fetch tweets when Twitterrific is placed in the background so new content will be there waiting for you when you return.

Other notable improvements in 5.5 include:

  • Support for Safari Reading List bookmarking
  • Ability to turn on in-app browser’s mobilizer mode by default
  • Swiping from the left edge of the screen to open the sidebar
  • Support for opening links in Chrome
  • Bug fixes and more

Twitterrific 5 has already been hailed by critics and users alike as one of the most beautiful and fun to use applications in the App Store. Today’s update embraces and extends that design philosophy to iOS 7, something we’re very excited about. The app is currently on sale directly from the App Store for just $2.99. Version 5.5 is available starting today for users running Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system via the App Store’s software update. Enjoy!

Flat is the New Black

August 9, 2013

By Cheryl Cicha

Apple’s recent introduction of iOS 7 is understandably a shock to many people, especially after years of the textures, chrome and dimension of Aqua-style design. iOS 7’s flat approach presents a new challenge for iOS developers and designers; how do you make your app stand out in a crowded field of similarly styled icons with even less opportunity for differentiation?

As icon designers that means we need to be more creative, particularly at the concept stage and then craft the icon with an experienced eye for the ever-so-subtle adjustments that elevate it to beautiful, effective design. For those of us at the Iconfactory, designing for iOS 7 builds on over fifteen years of experience. Apple has created the foundation for flat but it’s up to the design and development community to push those boundaries in innovative ways. The ability to distill a concept down to its core ideals and remove everything that isn’t absolutely necessary to communicate effectively is both humbling and crucial as we move forward into this new era of mobile design.

Anyone who hones a craft makes it look easy when it’s not. Too quickly we perceive unqualified successes without considering the journey that it took to get there. That simple apple with the bite out of it took more than a few iterations. What we often take for granted is the exploration needed to reduce an idea to its essence, yet create something that resonates. We just know when it does. When looking at the final design we need to ask ourselves, is it beautiful in its simplicity and more importantly, does it create a connection?

If you assume that Apple’s flat style makes it easier and faster to create a great app icon, think different. Those tiny illustrations have a tall order to fill. At a basic level app icons are a tool for getting us to pay attention but we also want them to be beautiful images that make us say, “Wow, I want that.” Just because flat looks simple doesn’t mean it is. It’s not about the style. Fundamentally it’s about problem solving; crafting a small, unique image that creates connection with an app at a glance and makes us engage on a visceral level.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to transform an iOS 6 icon to iOS 7 styling.

Twitterrific 5.2.3 Adds New Today View

July 23, 2013

By Webmaster

Twitterrific 5.2.3 is now available in the App Store and brings with it an updated visual appearance and a new sidebar section we’re calling the Today View.

The new view (accessed from the sidebar after turning on push) shows the very latest retweets, favorites and new followers based on your push notification activity over the last 24 hours. It’s a great way to keep tabs on popular things you’ve recently tweeted as well as who’s new to following you. If you have Favstar enabled you can even tap on any tweet in the Today view to browse the total stats on it for all time.

Other notable improvements in 5.2.3 include:

  • Images in the photo viewer are maximized for your screen size
  • In-app browser now plays audio for videos even if device is muted
  • Secondary usernames are auto-selected when replying for quick deletion
  • Bug fixes and more

Twitterrific 5 has been hailed by critics and users alike as one of the most beautiful and fun to use applications in the App Store. The app is currently on sale directly from the App Store for just $2.99. Existing users can update to version 5.2.3 via the App Store’s software update. Enjoy!

xScope 3.6.1

July 15, 2013

By Webmaster

An update for xScope is now available in the Mac App Store and through the in-app update. xScope 3.6.1 features more efficient processor usage which translates into less drain on your MacBook battery.

This update also includes more responsive tools, enhancements to Spaces and Retina Display support and various other improvements and bug fixes. Check out the complete list at the xScope version history page. If you are a developer and are using the current beta of OS X Mavericks you will definitely want to take a look at this latest version.

This is a free update for current users and is available now. Check your updates at the Mac App Store or, if you purchased from the website, check for updates under the xScope menu item.

New Design Services Site Launch

July 11, 2013

By Webmaster

Creating great user experiences for highly rated and widely used apps is what we do. Since 2000, our customers have come to expect the highest level of creativity and technical knowledge, so it was time to launch a new portfolio where you can see ongoing samples of our client work and learn more about the stories and inspiration behind each design.

On your visit, learn more about our array of design services for mobile, desktop, web and cross-platform applications. Grab a beverage of choice, relax and take a gander through designs that help make software beautiful and a joy to use.

Enjoy your visit and check back regularly to see our latest creations. Don’t be afraid to let us know what you think.

xScope 3.6 and xScope Mirror 1.2.3

June 5, 2013

By Webmaster

Today we are pleased to let you know about a pair of software updates. xScope 3.6 is now available in the Mac App Store or through the in app update and xScope Mirror 1.2.3 is available in the iOS App Store.

This update to xScope brings enhancements to the Dimensions tool improving edge detection and adds new options in Preferences allowing you to adjust sensitivity to optimize results. Version 3.6 also adds new grids to Frames, increases the maximum size for Photoshop documents when using the Mirror Tool and adds support for short hex colors in the Loupe. Other improvements and bugs fixes are included as well. Check out the Version History for a complete list.

The update to xScope Mirror adds support for all orientations so you have complete freedom in positioning your device while you are testing your designs.

All updates are free to current users so go get them now!

Sneak Peek at Chatology

June 4, 2013

By Webmaster


Hot off the drawing board, we hope you enjoy this glimpse into what’s coming soon from Flexibits.

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New iOS App Icon Design

May 13, 2013

By Webmaster


Along with the recent release of OffMaps 2 came a shiny new icon.

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